Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quote of the Day

More Info, Please

"Yesterday, we noted that the House of Representatives is preparing to vote on a massive 1,200 page “cap and trade” bill that would tax energy and stifle the economy. Today, the Wall Street Journal labeled the bill “likely one of the largest tax increases in history.” In an interview this week, investor Warren Buffett, who endorsed Obama for president, described “cap and trade” as a “huge tax …and a fairly regressive tax.”

Unbelievably, CBS News reports that House Democrats have hired speed readers in order to rush through this terrible legislation before the American people learn more about it. Their recklessness is unconscionable! But the reality is that less than 25% of likely voters understand what the term “cap and trade” means. As a result of numerous inquiries from folks eager to learn more, our staff has developed a very short list of resources and additional commentaries I hope you find helpful.

If you have more questions about climate change and the science behind it, click here. And, if you have not yet made your voice heard on the “cap and trade” bill the House is about to vote on, go here to send a message to Congress opposing Obama’s “great big,” “huge” and “regressive” energy tax.

Friends, let me be clear: Contrary to the claims of the Sierra Club and other leftwing outfits, conservatives do care about the environment. Nobody wants to see rivers burning or let their children be poisoned by drinking water. But there has to be a balance between killing the economy and caring for God’s creation. Conservatives get that. In fact, I encourage to you visit a new site designed specifically for Christians who want to engage in biblical stewardship of the environment. Visit to learn more."

Gary Bauer
Campaign for Working Families