Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Caravan Is Coming

Monday, April 2, 2018

By Gary Bauer

You may have heard the news that roughly 1,000 "migrants," mostly from Honduras, are on a long march through Mexico to the United States.  They are being led by an organization called "People Without Borders."  The name tells you everything you need to know, and it is wrong.  Borders define nations and their people.
I suspect many well-meaning people in churches across the country yesterday were talking about this caravan.  They may be confused and divided about the appropriate response to this situation.  Many were likely told that they are 1,000 hurting people who need our compassion. 
What if it were 5,000?  Or 10,000?  What if it were 1 million?  Or 150 million?
There are several billion people who could make a poverty or compassion claim to demand entry into America.  Every year we legally admit one million immigrants.  But 150 million people around the world want to come here, and we cannot let them all in.
It is not compassionate to allow more people into the country than we can assimilate.  Nor is it compassionate to allow more people into the country than the American taxpayer can support
President Trump is calling out Congress for our lax immigration laws and weak border security policies.  Good for him.  In the days ahead, every politician should be forced to go on the record about what exactly they would do with this migrant caravan and whether they believe we should be a nation without borders.