Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Obama: The Tax Man Cometh

That sly fellow Obama is trying to pull a Clinton on the taxpayers. The trick is not to let them know what the definition of "wealthy" is. It's the old bait and switch, isn't it? Promote economic envy to raise taxes on the rich, who turn out to be... anyone making over $32K a year. That's Classic Democrat, not New & Improved... just more false advertising from the left. Prepare for a flip-flop. Drum roll please.

"Senator Obama says he supports middle-class tax cuts, but that’s exactly what Bill Clinton said. Obama is promising to raise taxes on the “wealthy,” but Obama has voted for Democrat budgets that would raise taxes on those making just $32,000 a year. His plan would no doubt hit many small businesses as well, stunting job growth. Moreover, Obama has called for indexing the minimum wage to inflation, essentially setting it on cruise control and creating another huge burden for small businesses struggling in a weak economy beset by rising inflation and energy costs. And he has no serious proposal to address America’s energy crisis."

Gary Bauer
Campaign for Working Families