Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mark Warner: Hid Surplus to Justify Gigantic Tax Increase

Democrats do love their nuances and Mark Warner is no exception. He keeps changing his positions depending on which way the wind is blowing, a point aptly illustrated by the Gilmore campaign.

A Very Bad Day for Mark Warner, Part 2 (Debate Edition)

Poor Mark Warner, he drove all the way up to the Homestead in his Hybrid Lexus SUV (MSRP $45,040) for the Virginia Bar Association Debate, only to find out that there are some issues that you actually have to take a stand on.

Two issues stood out in this debate, Energy and Trust. On Energy, Mark unveiled his 5th position on solving our energy crisis . This time, Warner focused on his promised $5,000 tax credit for Hybrid Car Purchases. I suppose this means something to some people, but for most Virginians, a $40,000 car is just as out of reach as a $45,000 car (not to mention that pesky car tax eating up all of your rebate within a few years). Contrast that with Governor Gilmore’s clear stance: we must have a comprehensive energy plan that includes alternative fuels, coal, and nuclear power, but we must start by making a commitment to drill here in the US, both offshore and in ANWR. To all of those who doubt that a commitment to drill will bring down energy costs immediately, I’d point you to the fact that President Bush’s recent lifting of the executive moratorium on offshore drilling caused oil prices to drop.

On the issue of trust, Mark ran into another set of annoying facts. Turns out that the entire time he was preaching economic doom and gloom as a justification for the largest tax hike in Virginia history, his own economic advisor was telling him otherwise.

In the three months leading up to the tax hike, Warner received two letters from his advisor, predicting growth vastly above the public projections. This growth would lead to the sudden “discovery” of a $323 Million surplus, mere weeks after the tax hike had been passed.

All of this begs the question: why did Mark Warner hide this information from the people of Virginia? If Virginians couldn’t trust Mark Warner then, what makes them think they can trust him now.

Missed the debate? You can listen to it here.

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