Friday, September 12, 2008

America can produce its own energy

Greg Schnacke, President & CEO of Americans for American Energy needs your help to de-fund terror groups by supporting American energy.

"The more American energy we produce here at home, the less we have to import from the Middle East.

The less energy we import, the fewer of our petro-dollars that terrorists like Osama bin Laden get.

Do you want to help de-fund these terror groups? Then take 60 seconds right now and tell government bureaucrats to let America produce more American energy.

One place where we can produce more American energy is in our deep ocean areas -- Outer Continental Shelf lands located far from coastlines and out of sight of our beaches.

Go here and send a pre-drafted message to the government telling them that you want more American energy produced from America's deep ocean areas.

In doing so, you will strike a very real blow against those terrorists who hate America and everything we stand for."

Osama bin Laden