Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama: Smearing McCain and Limbaugh with one brush

As he ended his radio program today, Rush Limbaugh said that Obama's campaign is using a cherry-picked quote from his show, in an attempt to tie Rush to John McCain and smear them both with another dirty trick.

The quote taken from Rush's show occured when he was reading a parody of Mexico's immigration laws to show the difference between Mexico's strict laws and the open immigration which lefties demand America resign itself to.

The point of the ad, which is being aired in three western states, is to make Hispanic/Latin voters afraid of Republicans/conservatives. Rush added that the people now running Obama's campaign are the same people who were running Hillary Clinton's campaign.

What a sell-out of all that high-minded rhetoric Obama deluded folks with in the primary. What kind of despicable change is fear-mongering from the used-to-be-candidate of hope?