Saturday, March 27, 2010

Liberty Cave Editorial

The last voice of the free world... from deep within a cave somewhere in the Shenandoah Mountains.

I am all for revolution, but not the type of revolution that the Department of Homeland Security is expecting from pro-life, second amendment, controlled and limited government types. The revolution that needs to takes place is when all people: democrat, republican, independent walk into the local party headquarters and state, “I want to become a member. I want to know about all meetings and I want to meet and question every candidate before the nomination process.

This type of grass roots participation in government and politics scares the establishment more than anything else. When this happens, you replace the cronyism of the local parties that are controlled by money lobbyists and special interests with the power of the people.

When people take their focus solely off the presidential election and become involved locally, then they change the political parties from the ground up.

It is the local parties that nominate people to run for sheriff, school boards and county boards as well as state senate. From these ranks, we often get our future congressmen and senators and even presidents.

In small corrupt towns, the levers of power are controlled by a very few people. The rest complain and watch the roads and services and education go down the drain as taxes increase and increase. To change America we have to bring the masses into the local parties in such numbers that the sheer power of numbers overpowers the effects of bribes, kickbacks and campaign contributions that often have strings attached.

The average person who manages a family budget is not going to support deficit spending. The average person off the street also expects to see something for their money or they demand their money back.

Presently we have a top heavy broken system. We already have too many bureaucrats sitting in cubicles thinking of ways to regulate our lives. We need less government and should be outsourcing to the private sector. If a private company can do the job for less, then by all means they should. Instead we are buried in bureaucrats and paper work ‘til the point that big government is a threat to business and that everyone with an interest needs to donate large sums of money to candidates just to make sure that when they are elected that they don’t support legislation that would favor their rivals and thereby put them out of business.

The political process now could easily be stated as “follow the money.” We can over throw the system by flooding the local parties with thousands of concerned citizens demanding openness and accountability. The only thing that stands between our victory and our defeat is apathy.

How is it that we elect democrats to office and things get worse, then we elect a republican to office and things continue to get worse and we go back and forth and nothing improves? It is because we the people have to get involved to such a point that big business and special interests are overpowered by the numbers and personal involvement of the masses.

We need to change every town and county thereby changing every state and then one day the entire country. This type of change can only happen from the local level working its way up. That is true grassroots and that is the type of change that the republican and democratic party fear.

They would much rather rally their masses on Election Day and tell them who to vote for than for them to be truly involved in the political process.

If you truly want change then get involved locally.

Ben Grace © 2010